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RV de France
A true story of a month in France with an Englishman and an ancient camper van he bought on E-Bay. I learned many things:

  • In France you can find plenty of stores that are open 24 hours...A WEEK.
  • You WILL spend a majority of your money on food-and not regret a dime of it.
  • When you go out to eat, at least memorize the words for stuff you WON'T eat, so you know not to order them. Otherwise, heck ANYTHING is good if you cook it right.
  • You may end up putting things in your mouth not knowing what they are, this is OK.
  • If you are served Frog legs, there will be NO QUESTION as to what they are.
  • Snails taste exactly like you would expect them to.
  • If I ate tripe I didn't know it.
  • You will not know THE POWER OF CHEESE until you get there. Many french cheeses have their own personalities, many of them are tempermental & self-important, some are soft & nurturing, some are both. All are pretty good with bread.
  • Always save your receipts: You never know when you'll run out of toilet paper.


The Cow Tipping Story



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