Skykomish Run
February 9th, 2003 (BRR!)

Photography by Sue Carothers 

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Boulder Drop in February-Gorgeous picture.  Tough class IV, I've yet to run it.  Seemed like forever before Froyd showed up.
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Froyd's "Money Shot". He made it! Didn't quite capture the signature "I made Boulder Drop" grin.
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Ilsa & my put-in Me at the starting line below Boulder Drop. This first drop looked a lot bigger from the boat. Lunch Hole!  Barely avoided  it
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Aquagasm-My Favorite! The last little rapid (Class II) Froyd & Ilsa on the last rapid  
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Ilsa taking first jump at the wave train Froyd is bored by such hydraulic insignificance.
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Hamming it up.  I live for wave trains!  Wee! Richard-Surprised he stuck around!
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Jerath doesn't know what to do when there aren't any rocks to dodge. Micro-Wave! Conga line to the takeout.
Behind the Scenes Froyd's Recount