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Web site prices range from a $200 splash page to $50,000 high functionality e-commerce sites. Let us know what kind of functionality you want and we can send you a free a-la-carte web development quote based around your needs and budget. All our sites are 100% custom built, we don't use templates. This guarantees maximum versatility and a unique site made just for you and your business.

My partner has spent over three years developing the most flexible and efficient data admin tool money can buy, if you want to be able to edit a high-content site quickly and fairly often, Admin Concentrate will more than pay for itself in the time its going to save you in keeping the site current.

“We found that our ecommerce site to be a great 'silent salesperson'!  It allows us to find new customer categories for us to market to as well.  It is like getting two employees for next to nothing.”

Steven Ilg
VP Marketing

Ammex Corporation

No Lock-Ins. I value freedom, and that of my clients. All my clients are provided with the information needed to modify, move, and change their site. The domain is in the client's name, and the client has complete access to the host provider. The hosting providers we recommend because they've given us years of solid, affordable, reliable service with excellent support. Should you want to change host providers, sell the domain, or go with another designer, you are free to switch services at any time.

Dragonstorm Blades
Portable Ramps
Scorpion: Get Loaded Without a HitchScorpion Ramp offers the best portable loading ramp money can buy. Wheelchair users, landscapers, movers, and bikers and many others will find this one of the best pieces of hardware in their arsenal. Made and designed in the USA by architecht Steve Griffin, Scorpion ramps are versatile, hardy and easy to deploy and store. Available in several different sizes.
Dragondyne Publishing
Wolf PAC Washington
Portable Ramps
Harris Landscaping
Olympia LandscapingThe owners of Harris Landscaping loved the Greystone site and wanted one just like it. Not wanting to duplicate work, I said no. They got a great site and an admin tool allowing them to update it themselves, and I got my portfolio piece. We learned that the landscaping business has a lot in common with web design.
Nupro Gripper Products
Nupro Products LLCNupro is a small family-owned business manufactures ergonomic lifting devices for door and window distributors and manufacturers. They also offer a machine that modifies muntin bars for windows, it's the only once of it's kind. We were proud to help this small business build a simple site to allow easy pruchase of their products.
Producers of fine cannabis
Oberfelder Holdings is one of Washington's first licensed cannabis farms. based out of Chelan in the Columbia River basin, their product is grown using organic methods in natural sunlight. Each crop is tested for pathogens and potency, and harvested product is less than 4% stem. They grow over 59 varieties bred for both recreational and medicinal use. Each page has a different slide show on it, in place of a photo gallery.
Insurance Wenatchee
Matt McColm Insurance
If you're in Central Washiington State, you'd be wise to look Matt up. He offers life insurance, Home Insurance, Renter's insurance, car insurance, business insurance, commercial insurance, and travel insurance. Get piece of mind with solid, honest asessments of coverage and new technology that allows you to get the best price.
Greystone Concrete Design

Greystone Concrete Design
Greystone Concrete creates high-end, concrete hardscapes, its truly more art than construction. My partner and I were asked to build a portfolio site the owner could update himself via an admin tool. He says the site is very useful as a 'swatch library' to communicate with customers about what he can offer.

Marijuana business insurance
Cannabis insuranceInsurebud is run by good people striving to make the cannabis industry as strong as possible. Insurance can turn a catastrophe into a minor inconvenience. Growers, dspensaries, processors and retail. This SSL-secured site offers info and help the cannabis businessperson needs to get started.

Mandinka Ethnocultural Expeditions Mandinka Ethnocultural Expeditions is for an amazing tour operator out of Bamako, the site was commissioned by two of his happy customers. This site was a lot of work, but a joy to do. I was fascinated by the content and coaxed many amazing travel photos out of my clients -not necessarily to put on the site. Check out mandinkatours.com for itineraries, travel advice, hotels, and all things West Africa.

No BS Broker
Paul Thomas, The No BS Broker
Paul is your guide to Seattle's commercial real estate. Best known for his deft, considerate and straightforward handling of the Edith Macefield house (AKA the 'UP' house). He wanted a simple site that set him apart from other realtors. Paul is enthusiasctic, easy to work with, and as you'd imagine, honest and straightforward.
Born 2 Move Dance
Born2Move Dance Born2Move Movement Adventures, LLC. incorporates dance with education, various cultures and history. They offer e-field trips, interactive classes, theatrical preformance, and traditional lessons. This site incorporates Admin Concentrate V. 2. Allowing the site owner to update text, formats, fonts, and photos easily, allowing the site owner full control over the content area without needing technical knowledge.
Rose Creek Graphics Rose Creek Graphics

Rose Creek Graphics is owned by artist and graphic designer Rebecca Thorgaard.
Working with an artist is different than with most clients. The site has to reflect Rebecca's style while being easy to navigate, RCG was great to engineer, and required very close communication and a lot of drafts before deciding on a look and feel.

Ridge Rim Associates, LLC

Ridge Rim Associates

This simple site outlines Ridge Rim Associates' services as health care manufacturing consultants, writers of regulatory documents and clinical publications. Ridge Rim's expert writers will write your needed documents so your team can focus on strategic issues. Their work is backed by decades of experience with all phases of development, research and manfacturing in the medical industry.

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