Almost every Saturday around 3:30 a group of unconventional sportspeople convene at the Big Iron Doughnut™ in Volunteer Park to share our swordsmanship skills with like individuals.  Helmets, gloves & throat protection are mandatory to avoid(serious) injury during these group sharing sessions. 

IznBigBird.jpg (112539 bytes)
Thog's pig-face jousting helmet is around 20 pounds, & has about 12 oz of sweat in it upon removal.
peckingforworms.jpg (45560 bytes)
Thog pecking for worms...You had to be there. 
thognizzyjun.jpg (18667 bytes)
ChrisnIzzy.jpg (68455 bytes)davenchris.jpg (161714 bytes)
Chris is like Yoda without the speech impediment.  He'll show up, put down his cane, pick up a different stick, kick ass, pick up the cane again...
davehitsizzy.jpg (26105 bytes) davenizzy.jpg (51507 bytes) thogpanting.jpg (130221 bytes)
Thog Panting 
sarscrewed.jpg (71321 bytes)
I am NOT just standing there. 
davenizzy2.jpg (88936 bytes)
Izzy defends his Lady Ferret's honor.
Thogndave.jpg (56496 bytes)
Ever wonder what the spectators are thinking?
scuffledeadsword.jpg (30567 bytes)

The scuffle shown shown here resulted in a broken sword. 
 Lesson Learned:  drop the sword & let your opponent hit you...it's cheaper, and Thog & Dave won't yell at you. ---->

Daventhog.jpg (99332 bytes) Badassdave.jpg (52061 bytes)
Dave's a really nice guy...REALLY
IzBBnD.jpg (158170 bytes)
Big Bird's naked...and he's PISSED.
MeeleeJun.jpg (96352 bytes)
Chris, where is your sword?
DITSC.jpg (129163 bytes) daventhogfight.jpg (89653 bytes) 2on2jun.jpg (152008 bytes) sarnchris.jpg (78866 bytes)
iznthog1arm.jpg (39982 bytes) IznSarjun.jpg (44971 bytes) IzzynDave.jpg (87710 bytes) Thogapr.jpg (30180 bytes)      Thog2apr.jpg (39950 bytes)
Thog.  You can forget your previous reach advantage.  Need I say more?
sarizndave.jpg (42746 bytes)
Izzy with the tree for backup.
What has 4 arms, one leg and drinks a lot of Gatorade? 
IzzynThog1leg.jpg (74515 bytes)
chrissardaveizzy.jpg (45712 bytes) sarnizzy.jpg (43539 bytes) sarnizzyhammer.jpg (83693 bytes)
Izzy and the Hammer:  It's not the length, it's how you use it. 
sarnizzyjun.jpg (134732 bytes) Thogsscrewed.jpg (74683 bytes)
Thog is still "alive" here...he just has no legs.  Izzy threw his sword at Dave in this one. 

Sar.jpg (58659 bytes)The First Whack-A-Thog.  The outback Jacket got replaced with a leather one pretty quickly.

bobnthog.jpg (49740 bytes)
Thog, Bob & Rule #1:  Never forget your codpiece.
Bobthognizzy.jpg (61639 bytes)
Bob & Izzy & sore knuckles, Oh my!
meeleeapr.jpg (20403 bytes)
This melee shot was black when I scanned it, & there's only so much time I will spend in Photoshop...
hardrock.jpg (24826 bytes)
A rare photo of Hard Rock.
BobnIzzy.jpg (55135 bytes) sarnizzyapr.jpg (38278 bytes)
In Order of appearance: Thog, Hard Rock, Izzy, Sarah, Bob.
ThogBobnIzzy.jpg (42731 bytes) meeleeaprspear.jpg (52945 bytes) thognizzyapr.jpg (33400 bytes) thognizzyapr2.jpg (50078 bytes)

Photos © Sue Carothers April 2002. 
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