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My buddy Sue was nice enough to take pictures of us all kayaking the Skykomish.

Before I took up Kayaking, about once a week a bunch of us would go out to Volunteer park & practice our swordsmanship(read: beating each other with sticks).
The longest 15 minutes of my life. Mike kayaked the Skykomish River at 45,000 CFS (recommended level maxes out at 4,000 CFS). The cops got called, I got pictures.
Not for the faint of stomach. X-rays and the story of my first(and hopefully last) trip to E.R..
Photos of me on the rapid called Drunkard's Drop on the Wenatchee. Taken at various times over early summer by Northwest Outdoor Pursuits.

Current Whitewater Diary (LiveJournal)

The harrowing tales of a mediocre whitewater kayaker. Quite the train wreck.

Cthulu Obituary
A giant, mysterious carcass washed up on a distant beach. I drew my own conclusions


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